Mutant Factions is a top-down shooter that merges fast-paced action with strategic RPG and RTS gameplay. With a complex skills system and strategic base building, there are countless ways to outplay your enemies! Download the FREE OPEN BETA today! At only 40MB you'll be playing in minutes!

Explore countless skill builds, combos and counters as you level up and develop your mutant. Any experience you earn is permanently saved to your account. Combat is balanced by giving all skills a benefit and a penalty, allowing new players to compete by exploiting enemy weaknesses.

Choose from over 30 uniquely balanced weapons and vehicles. Shoot out tires, detonate car bombs, do drive-by shootings or simply run players over. Strategically save or spend your in-game cash to ensure that you always have the right equipment for the job.

Compete against others in ranked servers. Like the ELO rating system used in chess, your rank will move up and down based on how you score against your opponents. Advanced lag compensation techniques are used to ensure that your rank is a measure of your skill - not your ping.

Play in unique game modes like Conquest, where you build a base of hidden chemicals to capture control points and control the map. You can also race vehicles in Checkpoint and cooperatively survive against waves of zombies in Outbreak. Of course, classics like Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag are there too.

Make maps, host servers and refer friends to earn community credits. Use these to unlock sexy cosmetics such as capes, lightsabers and vehicle decals. Players are rewarded for their support and as a result there are countless community made maps to play!